Dynamis Handmade Necklace Gold

24k Gold Plated 925˚Silver

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Handmade Necklaces

Dynamis Handmade Necklace

Dynamis... means strength. A word so powerful, that doesn't need to be loud in order to be heard. That quiet strength inspired us to create a handmade necklace that manifests power and strength.

3rd Floor stands by every strong woman, with a piece of jewelry that reflects and symbolizes their power in its purest form.

Handmade necklace, with a thin chain and a gold plated sterling silver plate with the word "dynamis" carved on it, and a swarovski stone charm.

20% of the proceeds from each necklace, will be donated to the European Network Against Violence, an organisation that takes action towards the prevention of violence against women and the support and empowerment of women survivors of domestic violence.

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Why 3rd Floor

Στην 3rd Floor, δεν παύουμε ποτέ να δουλεύουμε, να δημιουργούμε και να εξελισσόμαστε. Πρώτιστος στόχος μας είναι η ποιότητα. Δουλεύοντας με τα καλύτερα δυνατά υλικά και τεχνικές, δημιουργούμε κοσμήματα που παραμένουν ανεξίτηλα στο χρόνο. Κοσμήματα που εξυμνούν τη δυναμικότητα και τονίζουν τη μοναδικότητα κάθε γυναίκας.