Odile Handmade Ring Gold

24k Gold Plated 925˚Silver

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Handmade Rings

Odile Handmade Ring

Graciousness, royalty and glory, in a unique piece of jewelry of timeless beauty.

Handmade ring, made of gold-plated sterling silver, with a semiprecious, briolette cut stone.

Ruby· vivid red, the stone of love and loyalty.

Amazonite· a highly protective stone, stone of bravery and good luck, in a beautiful turquoise color.

Hematite· dark gray and metallic, the stone of balance and vitality.

Labradorite· the stone of transformation and perceptiveness, a crystal that mesmerizes with its shine and is associated with outer and inner beauty.

Nacre· or Mother of Pearl. A stunning shell, known for its healing aura and positive energy.

Wear it together with Little Odile.

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