Turtle Luck Handmade Necklace Gold

Gold-Plated 925˚Silver

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Lucky Charms Collection

Turtle Luck Handmade Charm Necklace

The turtle, considered to be a good luck animal, is also the animal which teaches us so many life treasured lessons. The most important lesson is that everything that we are, or hope to be, everything that we need in order to reach our life goals, everything that we aspire, is already within us. We carry it, like the turtle carries its shell, without being bound, by time or space.

Perseverance, longevity, hope, patience, peace of mind and inner peace, is what our new year good luck charm symbolizes!

A good luck charm necklace, consisting of red or black waxed cord, a silver chain, a light blue stone and a round silver bell-like element, embossed with a turtle!

Also available HERE in silver.

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