Jarom Coor Handmade Necklace Gold

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Brass/Gold Plated


Coordinates Collection

Jarom Coor Handmade Necklace

We travel, with no end, so we can discover ourselves, so we can recognize our limits, broaden our horizons...

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other lives, other souls.

We travel and in doing so we are reborn, we get to know love, we go over and beyond our limits, we discover our true self!

We travel, some near and some, ever so far away...

Regardless of how near or how far your special journey was, stamp its geographical coordinates on a small, square rod necklace, and keep the memory of how you were forever changed, alive for ever!

Also available in silver

Αποστολές & Επιστροφές

Why 3rd Floor

We all know stuff happens, coffee gets spilled, fruits get squashed, body oil leaks, nail polish drips and so on. Sounds familiar, right? Well, owning a FABLOU bag gives you a peace of mind. When something happens you simply wipe your bag clean. Inside & out with just soap and water or wet wipes. No stains, no stress, no drama.

All products are ethically manufactured from cruelty-free materials.

Our desire for work and our passion for creativity

That’s our team’s focus. We strive to always design something different. Jewellery made with genuine love and care, that will take us one step further each time.

3 rd Floor is devoted to the independent, powerful, bold but sensitive at the same time, woman, who never fears to express who she is. Each collection is a creative manifestation of her uniqueness. Each piece of jewellery is an integral part of world made of earthy metals and semiprecious stones, clean lines and elegant simplicity.



Discover your favorite point on the map and we will plot its coordinates on Jarom Coor Handmade Necklace Gold