Amulet Necklace Gold

Gold Plated Stainless Steel

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Summer Edition

Amulet Handmade Necklace

By choosing brass, semi precious stones with unique qualities, and some common yet significant symbols, we have created a unique amulet for you! All you have to do, is "charge" it with your most precious thoughts and wishes!

Red Jasper: The stone related to fulfillment, and the closing of certain circles of life. It is believed to assist in the tranquil passing from that which is ending to that which is about to commence.

Downwards facing Hamsa. Also known as "Kalohera", in Greece, is said to allow abundance, good luck and fertility.

Key: Undeniable symbol of strength, since with it one can open and close, lock and unlock.

Coin: Symbol of luck and financial prosperity.

Bone: The everlasting molecule. The inviolable symbol of life.

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