Naz Handmade Pearl Necklace

Platinum-Plated 925˚Silver

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Naz Handmade Necklace

Naz, is a Scandinavian word used to describe the feeling of pride one has when knowing he is loved

Naz, is the love every woman must have for herself and what better way to express that love than a beautiful, big pearl, necklace adorned with a round plaque with embossed symbols. Carefully selected symbols such as:

A star, so she will always remember that as stars can only shine in darkness, so will every dark path she crosses only lead her to light!

An arrow, so she will always be reminded to look forward!

An upwards facing triangle, so she will always remember to look up, keeping her head high in the face of diversity!

Necklace Measures:

  • Length: 48cm
  • Pearl Size: 14mm
  • Element Diameter: 2,3cm
  • Total Necklace Length: 26cm
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