Mojo Handmade Necklace Silver

Platinum Plated Brass

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Symbols Collection

Mojo Handmade Necklace

Mojo. A good luck charm, a talisman. A beautiful, handmade, curb link chain necklace, with dangling charms!

Tusk: A right tusk is said to symbolize wisdom, while the left tusk symbolizes pure emotions. Mentally choose which side yours will face!

Beetle: A symbol of patience and of good fortune

Star: A symbol of life, strength, hope. The bright light at the end of each dark tunnel.

Key: Symbolizes that we are the masters of our life. As we use a key to open or close any door, so it is up to us to "lock" or "unlock" situations life brings to us

Coin: Symbol of financial prosperity

Necklace Measures:

  • Chain Length: 45cm
  • Tusk Height: 2cm
  • Beetle (H x W): 2,6cm x 2cm
  • Star Heigth: 2,4cm
  • Key Length: 4,2cm
  • Coin Diameter: 2,8cm
  • Total Necklace Length: 28cm


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