Handmade Lucky 23 Charm Pendant Silver

Platinum Plated 925˚Silver

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Lucky Charms Collection

Handmade Lucky Charm Pendant

2022 was a year of redefining our relationships. We got to be with our loved ones, take care of them and strengthen our relationships with them.

2023 is asking us to take care of ourselves. It is a year of introspection and soul-searching. It’s time to nurture yourself with the time and love you might have previously denied yourself.

3rd Floor was inspired by this love and designed a piece of jewelry for '23 that perfectly expresses it. The number twenty-three turns into love's ultimate symbol, the heart, and composes a pendant necklace, which will remind us to love and take care of ourselves.

Because the best gift you can give to yourself and others, is love! 

Handmade, long pendant, with a charm made of sterling silver 925, and a cord in red of black color.

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Why 3rd Floor

In 3 rd Floor, we never stop working, creating and evolving. Our primary goal is the high quality of our products. We use the best materials and techniques, to create jewellery that is timeless and resistant. Jewellery that praises the power and uniqueness of every woman.