Astrid Handmade Necklace Silver

Platinum Plated 925˚Silver

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Handmade Necklaces

Astrid Handmade Necklace

Astrid means divinely beautiful. Just like our handmade necklace that exudes a subtle beauty beyond compare.

Clean-cut yet astonishing, humble yet shiny, a necklace for every day that makes a difference and stands out. A piece of jewellery that you won't take off!

Handmade necklace made of a thin chain of sterling silver, with a swarovski gem stone. 

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Why 3rd Floor

In 3 rd Floor, we never stop working, creating and evolving. Our primary goal is the high quality of our products. We use the best materials and techniques, to create jewellery that is timeless and resistant. Jewellery that praises the power and uniqueness of every woman.