Handmade Lupus Necklace Silver Color

Handmade Lupus Necklace Silver Color


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Handmade Lupus Necklace

From the Navajo Indians, to the Celts, the wolf has always been a symbol of courage, strength, vigor, dedication to a cause, success. A howling wolf, like the one depicted on the oval plaque of the handmade Lupus necklace, symbolizes the end of everything we want to discard and the beginning of everything our soul needs.


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Product details

Length: 50cm
Material: Platinum Plated925˚ Silver

Color: Silver
Hypoallergenic: Yes

Our jewelry is made in our workshop in Greece, by a wonderful team, with extra care and love!

NOTE:As all our jewelry is handmade, there is a possible deviation of +/- 1mm in the final dimensions.

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