Starfish2 Handmade Necklace Silver

Platinum Plated Stainless Steel

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Summer Edition

Starfish2 Handmade Necklace

No two stars are the same, and not all stars belong in the sky. Some love the sea and are filled with summer! Others, play games and transform themselves into beautiful elements, for a double chain, handmade necklace!

Like the ones in our Starfish2 necklace. Uneven in size, they hang from uneven length chains, allowing you to wear the sea, around your neck!

Necklace Measures:

  • Total (long) Chain Length: 80cm
  • Total (short) Chain Length: 60cm
  • Total Necklace Length (long chain): 44,5cm
  • Total Necklace Length (short chain): 32cm
  • Big Starfish Radius: 4.5cm
  • Small Starfish Radius: 2.5cm
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