Gadi Handmade Ring Gold

24k Gold Plated Brass/24k Gold Plated 925˚Silver

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Handmade Rings

Gadi Handmade Ring

Jewelry that expresses your personality, without allowing anyone else define you within their frame of aesthetics.

Accessories that always express absolute freedom and are designed for the woman who is not fight for that freedom! No rules, no restrictions!

Pieces of jewellery like the Gadi ring, with a minimal design that forms an open spiral, that goes around the finger. In gold color.

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Why 3rd Floor

In 3 rd Floor, we never stop working, creating and evolving. Our primary goal is the high quality of our products. We use the best materials and techniques, to create jewellery that is timeless and resistant. Jewellery that praises the power and uniqueness of every woman.