Jewellery Care

Treat your jewellery with care. 

For our jewelry, we use metals such as silver 925° and brass. Each piece of jewelry undergoes a comprehensive plating process to preserve more of its original luster and delay any wear and tear over time.

Platinum-plated jewelry receives, initially, a layer of palladium. A noble metal of the group of platinum metals which, unlike most base metals, is highly resistant to corrosion. The palladium acts as an "insulator", preventing any oxidation from coming to the surface of the jewelry. The jewelry is then given another coating, this time of platinum.

For gold-plated jewelry the plating process begins again with an "insulating" layer of palladium. Afterwards, the jewel will be gold-plated with 24 carat double. This is an optimal gold plating process which covers the jewelry with a layer of gold, 2micron thick.

The above plating processes protect your jewelry, but they also need special care as contact with chemicals (such as household cleaners, chlorine, creams, etc.) can alter them and reduce their shine.

If you strictly follow the following care rules, then you can be sure that you will enjoy your jewelry for a very long time!

Remove your jewellery before:

    • washing your hands
    • taking a shower/bath
    • using antiseptics
    • swimming (sea or pool) 
    • using products such as perfume, body oils, moisturizing creams, detergents, bleach, chlorine, etc.

Whether your jewelry is made of brass or silver 925°, their protection must be the same!

When not wearing them, store them in a pouch or jewelry box. Protect them as best you can so you can enjoy them for a long time!