Jewellery Care

Treat your jewellery with care. 

Our choice of metals is 925° sterling silver, and brass. The beautiful shine on each of our jewellery pieces, is due to a thin plating of gold or platinum. This shine can be altered by the use of certain products or even by friction with our skin (Ph). In order to maintain this shine and prolong your favorite jewellery's life span, is it imperative that you follow the below instructions, to the t.

Remove your jewellery before:

    • washing your hands
    • taking a shower/bath
    • using antiseptics
    • swimming (sea or pool) 
    • using products such as perfume, body oils, moisturizing creams, detergents, bleach, chlorine, etc.

On our brass jewellery, we use three layers of plating in order to seal the metal underneath, thus stalling the tarnishing process.

Such jewellery requires special care in order to maintain their shine for as long as possible, and delaying their (natural) oxidation 

So, it is very important that you follow the above rules, exactly!

925° Sterling Silver
925° sterling silver jewellery, regardless if they have been plated or not, will eventually tarnish. Luckily this is something which can easily be reversed, allowing your jewellery to once again be shiny as new. Simply use a soft cloth the gently wipe the tarnish away. Alternatively, you can use lukewarm water with a couple of drops of dish washing liquid. 

After you are done with the soap water, make sure you dry your jewellery completely, using a cloth which will not scratch the surface of it. To be sure that absolutely no moisture is left, it is advised that you use a hair dryer.

Whether your jewellery is made of brass, or sterling silver, they both require that you take very good care of them. 

When you don't wear them, keep them in a cloth pouch or in a jewellery box.

Protect them the best you can, so you can enjoy wearing them for a very long time!