Ethel Thin Bracelet-Silver

Sterling Silver/Platinum Plated

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Orenda Collection

Ethel Thin Handmade Bracelet

If you are a fan of minimalism, then chances are you also like your jewellery to be minimal.

Minimal, yet with character. You want to be able to wear them morning-to-evening, without having to stress of how well they coordinate with your outfit.

What you need, is our Ethel bracelet (and necklace)! Thin, snake chain necklace, with no festoons, trinkets or other decorating elements they are the epitome of minimal chic and your go-to choice of jewellery, morning to evening!

Bracelet Measures:

  • Chain Length: 15cm
  • Chain Width: 0,3mm
  • Total Bracelet Length: 17cm (+5cm extension)
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